Homeowners hesitate to move house as the average price paid by homemovers has grown by 41% affecting first-time buyers hoping to step onto the property ladder. The number of homemovers – current homeowners moving house – fell by 2% in the first six months of 2017 compared with the same period in 2016, according to […]

Advice for new landlords

You just bought your first rental property and it’s all very exciting, but nerve wracking too. Where to start? As a company with seventeen years of experience in the field of property management, we’ve got some useful advice to hand down onto any of you petrified new –to-lets. The property First things first: presentation. Clean […]

Landlord Responsibilities

Buying a house to let is a profitable investment that is very different from owning your own home. It’s a small business and as a landlord you have some important legal responsibilities. As a landlord you must: keep your rented properties safe and free from health hazards make sure all gas and electrical equipment is […]

Guaranteed Rent - Rent Income

Homeowners in Haringey ‘earn’ over £91,000 more on their home than at work over two years (£3,810 per month) House prices outpace owners’ earnings in 119 local areas 17% of all UK local areas have seen average house prices increase by more than total average pay New research suggests that the last two years the […]

How to choose a letting agent

You are wondering how to choose a letting agent for your property ? This article will help you make the right questions before you sign any contract with an agent or an agency. Choosing the most capable and successful letting agent is a matter of vital importance especially if you are a new or less experienced […]

Introducing Property Rent Guarantee Scheme

Do you want less hassle renting your properties? Would you like your properties rented quicker? Do you want to earn a guaranteed income? We would like to introduce you to our Property Rent Guarantee Scheme and we thought some extra information about would be useful to you. will help you rent your properties quicker and we URGENTLY need more […]

How to handle Stamp Duty Tax

The stamp duty that we recognize today was first introduced in 2003 and is a necessary tax that we have to pay when we purchase a property or land that exceeds the threshold of £125,000 for residential properties and £150,000 for non-residential land and properties. Why do we pay Stamp Duty? When the ownership of […]

Managing a rental property

Managing a rental property is a great responsibility. The property needs constant care in order to function properly for the tenants and meet the criteria of the “Decent Homes Standard”, while sometimes feels like a full time job as it can be time consuming and exhausting. If something stops working, burst or leaks you have […]

Why landlords need the help of an agent

Self-managing a property can be a very positive experience, nevertheless most of the times it is a challenge that takes effort and great amount of your time in order to keep up with rules and regulations especially after the Housing (Wales) Act 2014. The tight legislation of today’s private rented sector leaves no room for […]

Buying a new build property

Buying a new build property Now is the time to buy a brand new home and gain substantial discounts and contributions to stamp duty or fees. As it seems you can get the edge on investors not only for the good incentives offered from developers across London, but also because the interval in price between […]